If your doctor has told you that you have an invasive fungal infection

Click on a section to learn more about IFI and how you can help fight it.

I have an IFI

Why did I get an IFI?
How do the doctors know I have an IFI?
Tests your health care team may use to check for IFI
What does this IFI mean for my family and me?
Can my IFI spread to other people?
Who will treat my IFI?
What kind of treatment will I get for IFI?
Some possible treatments for IFI
Do I have to stay in the hospital to be treated for IFI?
What should I know about the antifungal medicine?
How will the doctor know if I am better?
How can I help myself?
What if I can’t afford my medicine?
Where can I get more information about IFI?

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